Our Project


Class of 2019 Concept

Located on a public street in the heart of the New School Urban campus, the site is a place of the exchange between students and the general public. Through the design process a multipurpose space was created to serve not only as a seatingarea, but a place to socialize, meet friends, oversve NYC street life. Varying levels of seating and table area provide the public with different views of the surrounding environment, giving the end user a more personal and comfortable experience. For those who have experienced previous Street Seat installations, the familiar folding red tables and chairs are integrated into the 2019 design for a more custom seating arrangement.

Street Seats 2019 Rendering

Street Seats 2019 Rendering

About our Design Elements


  • Our design comes from the juxtaposition of organic shapes in the park's urban context. The layout creates a flow for the user, while the elevation relates to the immediate context of the neighboring University Center.  Our park is designed to be dismantled into sections at the end of the year and reassembled in a community garden to begin its second life.


  • The seating, tables and fence are made of Western Red Cedar. Cedar does not require paint or stain because it’s naturally rot and insect resistant. Our lighting is solar powered; the day’s energy is stored in batteries on site and then released at night through energy efficient LED strips. And in its previous life, the red canvas cladding the seats and tables wrapped a New School water tower.  

  • The students jumped at the opportunity to reused the canvas by cladding the seat fronts and using the material’s transparency to create a glowing nighttime lighting effect.


  • The planters wrap up from the newly seeded street tree pit and are interwoven into the design, allowing visitors to interact with nature. Carefully selected native plants require less maintenance and will survive the harsh urban climate for the duration of Street Seats 2019. The design, material selection and modular construction together promote the core value of sustainability at The New School.